A Walk in the Past – Fez

Truth be told, we didn’t get to experience much of Fez because of a scheduling flaw on our part – we arrived on a Friday evening and were leaving the very next day. Fez was never in our original plan, but since it was on the path of our return to Marrakech, we decided to stop by for a glimpse of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Hundreds of satellite dishes perched on the rooftops

While we do know about the custom of Friday prayers since we have them in Indonesia, we didn’t expect Friday to be a rest day in Morocco. Before arriving in Fez, I had practically devoured all information available online about this historical city. But the city on Friday was completely different from what I’ve imagined.

Fez, Morocco by Etjourn
Muslims practicing wudu before prayer

In place of the incessant clamor of pilgrims and traders, we were met with rows and rows of gated stores and hushed silence. The silence, accompanied by narrow alleys illuminated only by flickering lights, unquestionably gave rise to a certain kind of uneasiness.

Shuffling about with a sense of trepidation as the evening gradually got darker and we were increasingly getting lost within the complex alleys, the few figures drifting by every now and then provided a sense of comfort.

Fez, Morocco by Etjourn

Fez, Morocco by Etjourn

Fez, Morocco by Etjourn
One of the numerous Mosques within Fez

Although we didn’t get to visit most of the tourist destinations nor experienced Fez on a typical day, the empty city gave rise to a rare photography experience and a glimpse of another side of Fez usually overlooked by tourists. The next time though, we would love to see Fez in its full glory.